Aaryn McDade

From an early age, I realized that design was my calling. I've spent many years studying fine art with the intention to switch to a more digital medium. After creating work as a freelance artist, I decided a transition to UX Design would be best for my career.

Drawing on a Board



School activity scheduling made easy with Mataka

Mobile/Web site

Created for users to easily schedule events for their school and team activities; custom selection event reoccurrence and sharing abilities included.

Drawing on a Board

Allocate your finances with Budget Blocks

Mobile/Web site

Created for users to create an envelope budget system in a digital format to help people allocate their finances.

Open Space Office

Share life hacks on the How-to App

Mobile/Web site

Created for users to easily share how-to guides with their friends and family; guides include detailed steps, images, and videos.

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