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About Me

My name is Aaryn McDade. I am a UX Design student at Lambda School. I currently live in the Greater Savannah area of Georgia. I graduated from Savannah State University in 2016. I am an avid player of the sims and I love to paint in my free time. 

My BFA in Visual and Performing Arts set the stage for a creative career, but I wanted some additional training to push me to a more influential career. when I was younger, I always had a fascination with art and graphic design. I joined several programs to refine my public speaking and leadership skills. I was able to learn to speak publicly for a crowd of about 100 and was offered several job shadow opportunities. following behind men and women in many positions, I was able to meet the design team for a few large companies in Atlanta, including Old Navy and Turner Broadcasting System.

I have studied color theory and design principles, fine art media, and freelancing skills. while completing my undergrad, I participated in weekly critiques to showcase my strengths and weaknesses.

During my time as a waitress, I was able to gain skills by offering customer service and support, and training of all front-of-house staff. I believe working in the food industry has helped me to develop patience and the ability to pay close attention to minor details. I am a multitasker. I am encouraging. I am compassionate.

You can find me on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, or Instagram, or you can reach me via email.

Feel free to view my fine arts portfolio by clicking here.

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